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A Healthier Body.
A More Peaceful Mind.

A step-by-step journey
to a happier life, through functional fitness, breathwork and meditation.

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"Secure your own mask first before assisting others."

You know you should do more to look after your mind and body. We can help you get there.

You can do this, even with very limited time
If you make the choice to prioritize your health, we'll do our part to make sure you can get it done in the time you have available.

Our workouts at Ditabo will make you stronger, healthier and more mobile in about 30 minutes a day, and our breathwork and meditation sessions are shorter still (2-20 mins).

Once you learn the basics, you'll even have Quick Sessions you can jump into, to squeeze in a bit of fitness or meditation into the busiest of days, in 5 minutes or less.

You can meditate, even if your mind is racing all day long.
We get it. We've got racing minds too! Our breathwork content offers a straight-forward and effortless on-ramp to a new mindfulness routine, and our meditation content is designed to be woven into your life in easy, accessible ways.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference your new practice will make in your life... even with a distracted mind.

You don't have to endure the treadmill to get fit.
If you hate your wellness routine, you won't stick to it... and honestly, your body AND mind both deserve SO much more than a treadmill. Our workouts are engaging, dynamic and a lot of fun!

They can all be done at home with little to no equipment.  In fact, the first two weeks of our "Training Foundations" course requires NO equipment at all.

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Craft A More Functional Body

Real-World Strength

Develop explosive strength and
vitality that you can feel and use in your day-to-day life. 


Boost Your Metabolism

Time-efficient workouts proven to
keep burning calories up to 24 hours after your session ends


28.5% More
Fat Loss

Workouts built on methods that are scientifically proven to burn more fat than steady-state cardio


A Stronger, Healthier Body in About 30 Minutes a Day

Learn What You're Doing & WHY

If you've been frustrated by fitness programs that throw you into a frantic slurry of exercises, with little to no focus on instruction or proper form, you'll find Ditabo's fitness courses to be a breath of fresh air. 

Our courses feature thoughtful and detailed movement instruction BEFORE we ask you to complete new exercises in your workouts.

Interval Training

Maximum effectiveness. Minimum time.

Kettlebell Training

Functional strength and a more resilient body with minimal equipment

Active Recovery

Help your body recover and build with Yoga & mobility exercises

Now Available!

Free to try. No commitment. No credit card required.

Discover A More Peaceful State of Mind

Reduced Stress
& Anxiety

Mindfulness practices make a
significant impact, with results
comparable to medication 


Immune Function

Meditation can have a positive
impact on your immune system in
as little as 8 weeks


Sleep Quality

Practitioners experience
better sleep quality in
as little as 6 weeks


Calm, Focus & Equanimity
in 20 Mins a Day or Less

A Scientifically Proven, Field-Tested Approach

Our mindfulness content is built upon our Foundations of Mindfulness course: a program born of evidence-based curriculum that members of our team have taught to first responders, school districts, corporate groups, medical professionals and everyday people out in the real-world for the last 20 years.

This allows us to offer a seasoned and well-refined approach to mindfulness instruction that is truly unique in the app space.


Our breathwork techniques bridge the gap between fitness and meditation, and offer an easy on-ramp to mindfulness practice

Truly Understand
Your Practice

Each session is delivered with purposeful direction, so you'll fully understand what you're working on each day, and why

The Breath is Just
The Beginning

The breath is our entry point to a life-changing practice that offers an opportunity to explore the depths of mind with calm and ease

Now Available!

Free to try. No commitment. No credit card required.

Take The First Steps Towards a Better Life

Our team of experienced and relatable instructors will be with you every step of the way. Like knowledgeable friends joining you on your journey.


Founder &
Fitness Instructor






Mindfulness Course
Program Director


Fitness Instructor
& Program Advisor



More to Explore

We can't wait to have you join us! When you do, you'll find plenty to explore. In addition to our fitness and mindfulness courses, our daily workouts, meditations, and our breathwork content, we have quick sessions for those extra busy days, workout and meditation timers and more.

Now Available!

Free to try. No commitment. No credit card required.

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Enrich Your Body. Enrich Your Mind.  Enrich Your Life.