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Training Foundations

1-on-1 Movement Instruction in Every SessionWhen we don't know WHAT we're doing in our workouts or WHY, we often become LESS motivated and MORE likely to injure ourselves.

If you've been frustrated by fitness programs that throw you into a frantic slurry of cardio exercises, with little to no focus on instruction or proper form, you'll find Ditabo's fitness courses to be a breath of fresh air. 

Each session features thoughtful and detailed movement instruction BEFORE we ask you to complete new exercises in your workouts.

Modifiers for YOUR fitness LevelWe all come into our fitness efforts from a different starting point, and wherever you're starting from today is great!

All are welcome here at Ditabo, and we go out of our way to offer modifiers in each session for nearly all of our exercises.

A PERFECT compliment to running & cycling routinesIf you've already established a consistent running or biking routine in your life, you're off to a great head start!

While our programs stand on their own as complete full body fitness routines, they also offer the strength, mobility and recovery sessions that your body needs as a runner or cyclist.

Bringing The Best from a Wide-Array of Fitness Disciplines Under One Umbrella

From CrossFit coaches to Yoga teachers, primal movement instructors, special forces cadre, world-renowned kettlebell lifters and everyone in between.  We've learned from them all. There’s no “one right approach” to fitness, so we've distilled many of these teachings down to a truly comprehensive fitness program designed to be done at home with very minimal equipment.

WEEK 1: MOVEOur introduction to fitness fundamentals & our workout formatting.  You can expect 1-on-1 instruction and the ability to work at YOUR fitness level. 

You'll learn safe, solid form as we help you stay motivated with your new fitness routine!

WEEK 2: CONNECTIn Week 2 we'll reinforce many of the lessons from Week 1, and introduce rotational exercises, primal movements & Yoga. We'll establish a better connection with our bodies, as we experience what it feels like to move in different ways.

These lessons will prepare us to safely & confidently add weights to our workouts in Week 3.

WEEK 3: FORTIFYIn Week 3 we introduce resistance training and the power of the kettlebell. Learn kettlebell fundamentals, solid form and develop confidence under load.

As we wrap up our series, we bring all of our lessons together to set you up for the journey beyond Training Foundations.

Bonus ContentNo equipment is required for our first 2 Weeks together (two kettlebells are required for Week 3), but there ARE some items that will help you get the most out of your time in the gym from the very start.

We're here to set you up for success, so we offer FREE gear guides, tips, tricks & recommendations to help you make your fitness efforts with us as fun, safe and efficient as possible.

Courses built with forethought & intention, by a passionate & experienced team of individuals.

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Foundations of mindfulness

A Scientifically Proven & Field-Tested Approach to a Calmer, More Peaceful Mind

Our Foundations of Mindfulness course was born of evidence-based curriculum that members of our team have taught to first responders, school districts, corporate groups, medical professionals and everyday people out in the real-world for the last 20 years. This allows us to offer a seasoned and well-refined approach to mindfulness instruction that is truly unique in the app space.

WEEK 1: BREATHEWe start with a number of breathing techniques that have been scientifically proven to have an immediate impact on stress and anxiety. You'll learn to begin judging yourself less, and discover techniques that can be easily folded into your life on a daily basis.

Week 1 lays the groundwork for further exploration through your meditative practice.

WEEK 2: OBSERVEWe expand on our Week 1 lessons, shifting our structured breathwork towards a more relaxed, observational approach.
We start connecting with our bodies and natural breath patterns more, as we begin evolving our practice.

The skills you start to develop in Week 2 will bring some of the broader benefits of the meditative approach into focus.

WEEK 3: REFRAMEIn Week 3 we'll expand on the teachings of Weeks 1 & 2. These new tools will now be leveraged to help you begin to reframe your thinking around many of the challenges we all experience in life.

This is just the beginning, so we'll set you up for the journey beyond our Foundations course... whether that journey continues with Ditabo or not.

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step."

Ditabo's passionate, dedicated & experienced team are excited to walk this path with you, every step of the way.
Your Ditabo instructors bring decades of combined personal and professional experience to you, in all the areas of focus for our app. We've run fitness facilities, and developed mindfulness programs for scores of people out in the real world. We've studied countless fitness and mindfulness disciplines over the years, earned a wide variety of industry accreditations, and we've tested and refined these teachings in our own lives.

Each of us at Ditabo have seen our lives deeply enriched through these tools for self-care, and we couldn't be happier to share all we've learned with you.  Our hope is that the content we're sharing here marks the beginning of a happier, healthier life for you.


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 Meditation Instructor


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Fitness Program Advisor & Instructor

What's the catch? Why are you giving away so much content for free?
Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive change in the world, so we thought it was important to start on that path by pouring our heart & soul into top-quality free content that could begin to help people live healthier, happier lives. 

As we move forward with our efforts at Ditabo, our mission will continue with premium options that will help us grow, and give us the opportunity to channel our users efforts at self-improvement into MEANINGFUL charitable contributions out in the world. Our hope is that when you start to see benefits in your life from the lessons we're sharing, you may be excited to walk this path a little further with us.

But for now, we're extremely excited to share these free programs with you!  We're just getting started, so we'll have much more exciting news to share in 2023 and beyond.

The iOS App Store and Google Play links are for our open, public beta. You're among the very first to see what we have to share! We couldn't happier to have you, and would love to hear any feedback you have to offer.

Thanks for being a part of the start of our adventures here at Ditabo!

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